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Each of our patio pond designs creates a different experience at your home or business. Ecosystem ponds offer a natural habitat for fish, birds, butterflies, and other animals. If you want to add flair to the dynamics of your landscaping, a fountain pond—complete with flying water and stunning lights—might be the right option for you.


In just a few minutes, your landscape can be complete with a tranquil water garden. Whether you want to create a water bowl with aquatic plants and underwater lighting or would prefer a small bamboo fountain with soothing water, the options are near-endless with an Arizona Aquascapes patio pond. You can even choose an indoor option!

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We are committed to bringing the customer’s vision to life. This commitment means that we will never pressure you to add features or landscaping that you do not need or want. Our passion and attention to detail shine through in each project we complete.

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