Ecosystem Ponds

Capitavating Backyard Oasis

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Arizona Aquascapes' ecosystem ponds, where the delicate balance of nature comes alive. Designed in collaboration with Mother Nature, our ponds provide essential sustenance, secure shelters, and a safe haven for wildlife. Every component of the ecosystem puzzle, from aquatic plants to vital organisms, plays a crucial role in maintaining this perfect balance. Experience the wonders of a complete ecosystem, creating a low-maintenance sanctuary where you can witness the beauty of nature in its truest form.



Aquascape Skimmer® - (Mechanical Filter)

Discover the essential first step towards a thriving pond ecosystem with Aquascapes high-performance Skimmer. By housing your pump and skimmer basket, this remarkable device diligently skims debris from the water's surface. It effectively prevents the accumulation of organic material on the pond floor, ensuring that your pond water remains clear and pristine. With its pre-filtering capabilities, the Skimmer sets the foundation for the subsequent steps, guaranteeing a healthier and more vibrant pond environment.

Aquascape BioFalls® - (Biological Filter)

Experience the transformative capabilities of Aquascapes BioFalls® -     a remarkable biological filter designed to optimize the health of your pond. Nestled discreetly within your waterfall, this innovative system plays a crucial role in maintaining water quality. As water gracefully passes through the skimmer, it is seamlessly pumped into the BioFalls®. Here, a natural process unfolds as excess nutrients are broken down by the power of "Beneficial Bacteria," a type of pond probiotics. Witness the remarkable efficiency of this biological filter as it removes and decomposes these nutrients, leading to superior water clarity and a healthier pond environment. With BioFalls®, you can embrace a truly balanced and thriving aquatic ecosystem.

Expertly Crafted

How It Works

A balanced ecosystem relies on the harmonious interplay of key components, where nature's intricate mechanisms come into play. Among these vital components, the Biofalls and skimmer work in tandem to maintain equilibrium.

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