Fire and Water

Easy installation of

A Natural Pair

Add a dash of the unexpected to your landscape with fire and water features from Arizona Aquascapes. You can quickly and easily transform your outdoor space with a fire pit, fire and water fountain, or another beautiful option of your choosing.

How it Works

Each system includes the Fire and Water Spillway Bowl, auto-ignite flame control system with push button ignition and flame control for a safe and easy installation, gas and water tubing, power cables, and a propane tank regulator.

how it works
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Make your selection from a wide variety of styles available in our fire and water combination collection. Enjoy fast and easy installation in as little as two hours. Enjoy the natural pairing of bright, warm fire and peaceful water with Arizona Aquascapes.

Expertly Crafted

With Attention To Detail

We are committed to bringing the customer’s vision to life. This commitment means that we will never pressure you to add features or landscaping that you do not need or want. Our passion and attention to detail shine through in each project we complete.

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