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Joe Brenner

Certified Aquascape Contractor

Introducing Joe Brenner, a remarkable entrepreneur and passionate landscaper hailing from Delano, Minnesota. Joe’s love for the great outdoors and his dedication to creating natural water features has been the driving force in his life. In 2018, he made the bold move to Arizona, where he has thrived by experiencing the beautiful hikes and wildlife. Joe’s devotion to his fiancée and daughter has inspired him to pursue his passion, creating stunningly beautiful oases for his clients.

With countless hours spent perfecting his natural water feature skills, Joe is known as a specialist in the industry. He has established a reputation for exquisitely crafted natural water features that are unrivaled in their beauty and function. Joe is genuinely invested in his clients’ needs – he is eager to hear their ideas and works tirelessly to achieve their dreams. Joe’s passion for Pondless Construction has been recognized and featured in the Pond Trade Magazine. His clients appreciate his unique blend of professionalism and unparalleled expertise. Joe understands that building a natural water feature is not just a job – it is an art, and he takes great pride in bringing natural beauty and wildlife into his clients’ lives. Above all, Joe’s primary goal is to exceed his clients’ expectations and enrich their lives. He is driven by a sincere desire to provide them with the perfect natural water feature that will bring joy and happiness for years to come. 

Jesus Valenzuela

Master Pond Builder

Jesus has been creating stunning natural water features since he was just a teenager. He is a true artist at heart and his passion for constructing water features that transport you to a peaceful paradise is unparalleled. Jesus is one of the most sought-after builders in Arizona, admired for his incredible attention to detail and his ability to create breathtakingly beautiful outdoor spaces that are truly one-of-a-kind. Since moving to Arizona in 2017, Jesus has dedicated himself to perfecting his craft, bringing a fresh perspective to the world of water features with his innovative and creative designs that leave his clients amazed. He has the ability to take even the most non-descript outdoor space and turn it into something truly amazing. Jesus is not only a masterful Pond Builder, but he’s also a fluent Spanish speaker, making him a perfect fit for our diverse clientele. When not building the most incredible water features Arizona has ever seen, Jesus spends his time exploring the state’s natural beauty, soaking in inspiration from its canyons, lakes, and rivers. 

We are proud to have Jesus as part of the Arizona Aquascapes team, drawing from his talent and dedication to create the most awe-inspiring natural water features for our clients. Get ready to experience an outdoor oasis like no other when you work with Jesus and the Arizona Aquascapes team.

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We are committed to bringing the customer’s vision to life. This commitment means that we will never pressure you to add features or landscaping that you do not need or want. Our passion and attention to detail shine through in each project we complete.

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